Each and every day, CommScope professionals are held to an exemplary ethical standard set by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. These guiding principles reflect our core values and provide a framework for expected conduct on the part of our employees and third-party representatives.

While the rules and procedures outlined in the code are based on a variety of applicable laws, regulations and international standards, they also reflect a higher principle: doing the right thing.

"No aceptamos nada menos que una conducta buena, honesta y ética en nuestras actividades comerciales diarias. To deliver strategic growth opportunities for our customers, value to our owners, and a thriving, collaborative culture for our diverse employees, we choose to operate with integrity."

- Eddie Edwards, presidente y director ejecutivo


Eddie Edwards

Code of Ethics

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Transparent, honest business

CommScope is committed to the highest standards of honest, transparent business practice—regardless of where that business transpires.

Como somos una empresa ubicada en los EE.UU., estamos sujetos a los requisitos de la Ley de Prácticas Corruptas en el Extranjero de los EE.UU. (FCPA) y leyes similares de los países en los que operamos, como la Ley contra el Soborno del Reino Unido. La FCPA y la Ley contra el Soborno del Reino Unido prohíben el soborno y la contabilidad inexacta.

CommScope se toma en serio el cumplimiento tanto de nuestras normas internas como de los requisitos legales externos, como la FCPA. Los documentos de esta página están destinados a ayudar a nuestros empleados a entender nuestras obligaciones y mantener este cumplimiento.

Download our Third Party Business Associate Retention Policy

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Download our Anti-Corruption and FCPA Compliance Policy

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Download our Anti-Corruption and FCPA Policy (Exhibits B and C)

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Download our Anti-Corruption and FCPA Policy (Exhibit A - Approval Form)

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Download our Anti-Bribery Provisions Policy


If you have specific questions about CommScope's anti-corruption policy, download the Frequently Asked Questions about FCPA or email ethics@commscope.com.


Reporting a Concern

Como parte de nuestro programa global de conformidad, CommScope alienta a todas nuestras partes interesadas a hacer preguntas o a informar inquietudes. Imponemos una política estricta que prohíbe las represalias por informar de buena fe una inquietud o una sospecha de mala conducta.

Para informar su inquietud, elija una de las siguientes opciones:

  • Póngase en contacto con su supervisor o administrador.
  • Comuníquese con el responsable de asuntos éticos local (generalmente, el director de recursos humanos de la planta).
  • Email William Pleasant, our Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer, at ethics@commscope.com.
  • Submit a confidential report using CommAlert®. Where permitted by applicable law, CommAlert supports anonymous reporting.  

We value our reputation for integrity and each individual accepts the personal responsibility for maintaining it.