RCR Wireless - July 11, 2019

The state of the small cell market: A Q&A with CommScope

CommScope’s Mike Guerin, vice president of integrated solutions, and Luigi Tarlazzi, director of product line management for small cells, recently shared their perspective on the small cell market in an interview with RCR Wireless News.

Datacenter Dynamics - July 10, 2019

How IoT is reshaping network design

BYLINE: James Young wrote an article about how Internet of Things will drive standardization and a move to the Edge.

Enterprise IoT Insights - July 9, 2019

Shared infrastructure for smart cities

Mobile service providers have started rolling out 5G wireless services this year, giving subscribers their first glimpse of this new technology. As 5G technology spreads, cities will leverage it to become “smarter.” A smarter city leverages technology to make life healthier and safer for its citizens. As our cities continue to grow at an exponential rate, they must enable smart city applications by investing in and deploying connected infrastructure. In this article, David Eckell of Graybar and Morné Erasmus of CommScope, city planners are now educating themselves about the future possibilities of – and requirements for – smart city infrastructure, consulting with IoT vendors and network connectivity vendors, and working to develop a plan for the long term.

E-Works - July 4, 2019


  中国上海,6月25日,作为全球领先的通信网络基础设施解决方案提供商——康普亮相第十届DCD数据中心国际峰会。参展期间康普企业网络亚太区副总裁Gavin Milton-White和康普企业网络北亚区副总裁陈岚接受了记者的采访。

SME Tech Guru - July 2, 2019


Ruckus Networks, (now part of CommScope via acquisition) has been at the forefront of Wi-Fi 6 and recently completed its first use case in Africa at The Fourth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) held in Nairobi Kenya, March 2019.

“Wi-Fi has transitioned through six generations over the last 25 years, where speed and efficiency have improved tremendously,” said Riaan Graham, sales director for Ruckus Networks sub-Saharan Africa. “The latest sixth-generation Wi-Fi, based on the 802.11ax standard, not only supports a maximum data rate of nearly 10 Gbps for better speed, but will provide better performance in congested areas—from stadiums and city deployments to your own device-packed home. This was clearly seen with the speed and performance achieved at UNEA-4, with 50 Ruckus APs supporting approximately 733GB for over 4700 clients with an average speed of 105.9Mbps each day.”


Intelligent CIO - July 1, 2019

Commscope expert discusses his work with the company and its success

During this year’s Innovators in Action Summit, CommScope engineers were recognised for their 2018 accomplishments. Their projects demonstrated the company’s best agility, breakthrough, cost reduction and customer impact innovations. In this video, Dov Even, Principal Engineer at Commscope Mobility Solutions & RF Products, explains his project and how proud he is of the impact he has made working for CommScope.

RCR Wireless - June 28, 2019

What’s left before CBRS can launch?

Dave Wright, president of the CBRS Alliance and director of regulatory affairs and network standards for CommScope (which now owns Ruckus Wireless) was also a participant on the panel with Powell. He noted that in terms of the steps left, “there are a lot fewer than we have completed over the last 12 months.”  He said that a recent CBRS Alliance event featured demonstrations of 31 CBRS devices that are either already certified for operation, or soon will be, ranging from flagship smartphones to customer premise equipment to IoT modules and gateways.

Forbes China - June 28, 2019

Behind the intelligence, even the "line" of life

“People who use their smartphones and computers to travel online every day may never notice this line connecting the world. From wired to wireless, from the local cloud, technology is changing rapidly, but this line is the foundation and will not disappear. Chen Wei, vice president of CommScope's corporate network in North Asia, pointed out to Forbes China that "the communication between devices and the exchange of information between devices and servers requires cable connections. For example, wireless Internet access." Behind WiFi, you need a strong 6A copper cable."

Chen Hao boarded the "Women in Tech" list launched by Forbes China for the first time this year. It is the first to focus on the founders of Chinese women in science and technology, company executives, first-line R&D engineers and technological innovation pioneers. The list of groups.

Channel News Peru - June 27, 2019

¿Cómo afecta la IoT a la red de su edificio?

“Dentro de los edificios, las compañías están cambiando la forma en que se aseguran los accesos con ayuda de la tecnología. Desde una aplicación en los teléfonos y herramientas de detección biométrica, la seguridad de los edificios es cada vez más precisa y menos complicada”, señaló Jennifer Duits, Gerente del portafolio de Marketing en CommScope. “Además, incluso los sensores que se encuentran fuera del edificio son utilizados en cámaras de seguridad, sistemas de rociadores o hasta para encontrar lugares de estacionamiento disponibles”.

GSMA - June 26, 2019

5G is a Power Play

BYLINE: Morgan Kurk's article was posted on GSMA about how cell sites will need to employ many more radios using multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) techniques. 

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