Untangle Your Tower’s Bird Nest

Chris Stockman--thumbnail 2 Chris Stockman April 10, 2018

Tower climberSpring is a time of renewal. The days are getting longer, the countryside is getting green, and nature’s critters are getting busy, too. Observing birds building their nests is one of my favorite rites of the season. They work so hard weaving a variety of materials in a seemingly haphazard way to produce a beautiful nest. And while that’s the perfect construction for them, it’s not what we want to replicate for the cabling on our communications towers.

Today’s tower tops are crowded. With hundreds of fiber, power and coaxial cables connecting all the radios, antennas and RF devices, it’s easy to end up with a bird’s nest of our own.

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Luckily, with a little planning and modern cable attachment accessories, we can make fast work of installing cables in a neat, well-organized manner. CommScope recently introduced a series of cable hangers that self-adjust to various cable diameters without the need for dozens of different grommet inserts. Called SnapStak Plus, these small, lightweight composite hangers will help tower technicians install any cable—from a 4mm fiber jumper and 12mm power cable through half-inch coaxial jumpers.

SnapStak Plus hangers are designed to snap-in to cable ladders and tower adapters. And they are stackable so technicians can install well-organized cable arrays between tower top devices, very quickly and easily. Learn more about how they work and see how you can do your own Spring construction a better way. Share a story of your craziest bird nest find in the comments area below.

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Chris Stockman--thumbnail 2

Chris Stockman

Chris Stockman has worked in wireless communications for over 20 years with Commscope. In this time he’s had responsibilities in a range of functions supporting customer connectivity solutions from project management of site construction to manager of installer training and product management. Chris is currently the product line director for HELIAX Installation accessories and small cables and supports the worldwide development of small cell connectivity solutions. He holds a bachelor's degree in business and technology and an MBA from Keller Graduate School.