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Gotz Martin 1R (002) Martin Gotz March 25, 2020

Safety at workplaceCommScope continues to make significant progress in our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management program. The CommScope 2019 Annual Report includes some of our achievements from last year, but I’d like to call more attention to a few major initiatives, particularly in compliance and safety.

Enhanced Compliance Program
Acknowledging growing stakeholder demand, the CommScope EHS team began a series of activities to ensure regulatory compliance across CommScope locations globally. These activities include:

  • Using EHS compliance checklists as a measurement tool by all administrative and R&D locations
  • Extending the scope of the corporate umbrella ISO 14001/45001 certificate to include our facilities in Malton, UK; Manaus, Brazil; and Tijuana, Mexico
  • Strengthening the Compliance Program by a multitude of elements such as securing third-party compliance services, customized compliance registers or consultancy, assessments and improved compliance monitoring.

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Safety Excellence Roadmap
In a relentless effort for excellence in our safety performance, our former EHS Roadmap to Excellence was transformed into our Safety Excellence Roadmap in 2019, narrowing the focus to the following key safety programs for manufacturing sites and distribution centers:

  • Machine Safeguarding
  • Behavioral Observation Process
  • Ergonomics
  • Warehouse Safety
  • Safety Culture and Leadership

The transformed program is more reflective of the current company needs with a paramount focus on employee safety. The Roadmap was created as a bespoke tool for measuring and improving safety performance and consists of leading key performance indicators to enhance proactivity and motivation. 2020 safety objectives have been set to improve our Roadmap score from a January baseline to individual year-end scores. Moreover, CommScope sites have paved their own paths to achieving safety excellence in a three- to five-year time span.  

Safety Culture
Safety Culture and Leadership is a third pillar of our safety process in addition to technical safety aspects and management system elements. Several activities have been designed to achieve the following objectives of safety culture at CommScope:

  • Understanding and appreciating the current status of safety culture
  • Determining what is currently influencing the culture
  • Evaluating existing safety programs for possible improvements
  • Establishing a baseline for measuring progress
  • Enhancing greater worker participation

CommScope’s strong commitment to standards compliance and workplace safety continues to underline our efforts in 2020. We have multiple programs in place to continue enhancing it, and I look forward to reporting more in our 2020 Sustainability Report coming mid-year.    

About the Author

Martin Gotz

Martin Götz is the manager of Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety at CommScope. Based in Brno, Czech Republic, Martin has been in this position for the past four years. He previously worked in the environment, health and safety field at several corporations such as Otis and Alstom in the Czech Republic. Martin assumed the role for regional environment, health and safety within the BNS business of TE Connectivity before moving into his current role. He has a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the VUT University Brno.