This product was discontinued on: February 1, 2019

Replaced By:
2843048-1 | MP-5EU-Boot-57-10
Modular Plug Boot, 8-Position Plugs, Slim-line, Transparent, 5.7mm Max Cable OD
For other alternatives, please contact us for more information.


Modular Plug Snagless Boot for Category 5e and 5 Plugs, yellow

Product Classification  
Portfolio   NETCONNECT®
Product Type   Modular plug boot
Regional Availability   Asia
General Specifications  
Color   Yellow
Boot Feature   Snagless
Compatible Plug Type   Cat 3   |   Cat 5   |   Cat 5e
Package Quantity   1000
Packaging Type   Bag   |   Box

Product Information

Environment Health and Safety

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Objects

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Visio Stencil

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