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164590-000   |   JM-SIM-60S394HG

Jackmoon Simplex Duct Plug, Size 5.80, for up to 1 cable with outer diameter between 94.8 and 100.0 mm

  • Anchors and organizes subducts or multiple duct systems
  • Eliminates duct-edge abrasion to cables
  • Excellent for supporting cables at the tops of risers
  • Expandable gasket allows for expansion and contraction of cables or subducts without leakage
  • Split design for retrofitting without disassembly
Product Classification  
Brand   Jackmoon®
Product Type   Duct plug, simplex
Regional Availability   EMEA   |   Latin America   |   North America
Cable Diameter, maximum   100.00 mm
Cable Diameter, minimum   94.80 mm
Conduit Inner Diameter, maximum   151.90 mm
Conduit Inner Diameter, minimum   147.10 mm
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space   Handholes   |   Manholes
Qualification Standards   IEC 60068-2-17, 5 m waterhead
General Specifications  
Application   Cables   |   Pipes   |   Subducts
Body Style   Round
Cables/Pipes Supported, quantity   1
Color   White
Package Quantity   1
Material Specifications  
Material Type   PVC
Sealant Type   Chloroprene rubber
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant


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