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marzo de 2023: Diseño de red para lugares grandes: Warehouse, Retail, and Manufacturing

With the rapid expansion of automation, Network Access is an indispensable part of running a Warehouse, Retail, or Manufacturing space. These environments can be incredibly hostile to establishing robust Wi-Fi networks. Such high radio frequency environments are filled with metal structures, competing handheld Wi-Fi devices, and little (if any) Ethernet network presence. 

Join the next Technical Family #webinar to learn the RUCKUS model for the best continued Connection and Access for achieving better, more efficient operations.

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febrero de 2023: Top tips to improve your Wireless Deployments

RUCKUS wireless “Top Tips” session will help you to become a trusted engineer to your Customers, building stronger relationships based on expertise.

Join our next live RTF webinar to learn how to:

  • Define common eco-system types and which planning method to use
  • Understand and leverage the 5 Ps (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) to ensure flawless wireless deployment.
  • Take advantage of the RUCKUS Professional Services model in providing an end-to-end process for wireless deployments

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Enero: 2023 Networking Technology Trends

Organizations around the world are under pressure to reduce costs, improve margins, and grow or reinvent their business models. RUCKUS has identified the Key Networking Technology Trends of 2023 to positively impact your clients’ strategies, including revenue growth, accelerating digital transformation, maximizing value from data, or protecting their brand.

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