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Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration

Orchestral.ai Symphony Platform - Composer is a vendor agnostic, cross-domain and event-driven platform that delivers a complete Automation and Orchestration solution to enable fast, efficient and accurate provisioning, management and auto-remediation of the IT Infrastructure. Composer allows to automate an operational workflow/process with integrations into multiple target end systems. Composer’s low code/no code, drag and drop Workflow Designer Canvas enables Network Operations to create workflows enabling operations to quickly and efficiently automate processes. Composer is built with over 450+ integrations readily available to easily extend the functionality to multiple domains within the IT Operations group to address use cases such as Network and Security Orchestration, Virtualization Life Cycle management and Infrastructure Insight and Management utilizing Composer’s event driven capabilities.

Unified Converged Edge, Wireless and Wired Network Automation & Orchestration

Orchestral.ai y CommScope - Ruckus se asocian para proporcionar una plataforma de organización que permita el aprovisionamiento y la administración de redes inalámbricas Ruckus SmartZone y redes cableadas Ruckus ICX. Composer is enabled to receive webhooks from Ruckus Analytics to provide auto-remediation capabilities. The solution will enable network operators to deploy Ruckus Wireless networking with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and manage the wired networking and remote wireless networks in a fast, efficient and accurate manner to improve the overall performance of the operations team. The integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) aids in management of the configuration and enables the configuration to be compliant with the security requirements of the enterprise.

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SmartZone network controllers simplify network set-up and management, enhance security and minimize troubleshooting.


SmartZone network controllers deliver the scale, flexibility and openness to support the most sophisticated deployment scenarios.


Los conmutadores de factor de forma fijo RUCKUS ICX van más allá del apilamiento tradicional para ofrecer capacidades que llevan la flexibilidad, la facilidad de administración y la rentabilidad al siguiente nivel.


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