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Internet de las cosas móviles

QubercommTechnologies se enfoca en ofrecer productos y servicios de excelente calidadque permitan a las empresas crear soluciones de IoT que resuelvan problemas del mundo real en entornos dinámicos y de alta interferencia en diferentes industrias. Our value added services, sophisticated patent-pending technologies, and deep domain expertise enable us to help our clients create IoT-powered real-time locationing systems for complex indoor environments and various industrial use cases.

RUCKUS Networks facilita las implementaciones de fibra en hoteles y permite nuevas soluciones de IoT

Hotels are also looking to vendors to deliver network solutions that support multiple applications, reduce costs, improve reliability and protect investments. To meet these requirements, Ruckus is partnering with IoT ecosystem vendors such as Qubercomm, to empower hoteliers to support the latest IoT use cases on a unified network infrastructure including connected entry, safety buttons, asset, room tray and vendor tracking, energy management, online thermostats and location-based advertising.

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¿Por qué CommScope?

Solución integral

The ICX 7150-24F fiber switch, ICX 7150-C08 compact switch and Fiber Backpack, which supports the H510 access point (AP), along with structured cabling now offers custeroms and end-to-end solution. 

Guest and staff safety

Locatum is a Real Time Indoor Location System (RTLS) for tracking people and assets in hospitality, healthcare, retail, industrial and commercial environments. Locatum utilizes RUCKUS equipment for the locators and gateways.

Redefining the edge

By combining both wired and wireless technologies with one supplier, a cohesive solution is assured while reducing installation time, ensuring compatibility, and enhancing coverage.


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