Passive Optical Devices

Access untapped potential in your fiber network with passive optical devices

Fiber optic cable is key to supporting today’s bandwidth-intense applications, but installing new fiber is costly and time-consuming. How do you adapt your existing fiber infrastructure to support new services, increase network capacity and guarantee consistent performance? The answer is clear: CommScope’s passive optical device (POD) integrated solutions. They allow you to:

  • Increase capacity on existing networks without adding fiber
  • Reduce costs and improve optical performance
  • Deploy faster and accelerate return on investment
  • Co-exist services on a single fiber
Divisores ópticos

Optical splitters and couplers split or combine light—increasing the amount of traffic over a single fiber. CommScope offers a portfolio of bare and connectorized splitters/couplers in a wide range of styles and split ratios, and splitter modules for inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) applications.

CommScope’s optical splitter products enable:

  • Faster turnup of passive optical networks (PONs)
  • Reliability and performance in outside plant environments
  • Low insertion-loss specifications
  • Customer test reports and reliability certification



¿Por qué CommScope?

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Fiber connectivity expertise

Field installers around the world recognize our inside and outside plant solutions for versatility in all environments and ease of use. We have more than four decades of expertise in fiber connectivity.

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Innovaciones incansables

We are driven by what’s next and continue to invest in finding better solutions. Our passive optical devices experts not only support product innovation, but also advance the industry’s knowledge in fiber connectivity.

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Rendimiento probado

With hundreds of thousands of fiber connectivity frames, cabinets, closures and terminals deployed, we are the trusted partner for all fiber networks.

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