Fiber splice closures for trunk and feeder networks

Protect your network signals with reliable joint closures

Since each fiber optic strand in the backbone of your network aggregates traffic from many customers, trunk and feeder splice closures are essential links in maintaining a strong network signal. At CommScope, we offer a family of trunk and feeder fiber splice closures that provide not only unmatched reliability but, also, ease of deployment.

Our fiber optic splice closures (FOSC®) feature a rugged outer shell, with proprietary sealing technologies, that safeguards your connections from even the harshest conditions. In addition, our fiber infrastructure system technology (FIST®) tray and organizers simplify transient fiber management and facilitate installation by ensuring the minimum bend radius requirement of each fiber is met.

At CommScope, we know that every network has its own characteristics. That’s why you can trust us to provide field-proven solutions that are compatible with your infrastructure no matter what outside plant environment you experience.

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