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Q2 2022 webinar:  Future-proof your investment with near-infinite capacity offered by Fiber-to-the-room connectivity

Copper cabling has served us well for several decades, but with the ever-growing demand for greater bandwidth, longer distances, and space efficiency, fiber is quickly becoming commonplace all the way to the edge. Fiber allows you to fully centralize your network, eliminating the need to reserve, secure, and environmentally control space on each floor to deliver connectivity to the room.  It also future-proofs your cabling investment by offering an almost infinite capacity for future network services. But how cost-effective is it?  What are the pitfalls of a fiber deployment?  Should you opt for a GPON-style architecture or active fiber?  How do I power POE devices such as Cameras and Wi-Fi Access Points?

During the next Hospitality RTF webinar we will talk about the benefits, but also the challenges and potential pitfalls of a fiber roll-out. We will look at some common architectures which you could use to design a solution for your properties.

Now available on-demand:

Asia Pacific, May 25th  (English)– Watch Now!

Europe, Middle East & Africa, May 25th  (English) – Watch Now!

Latin America, May 25th (Spanish) – Watch Now!

North America, May 25th  (English) – Watch Now!


Q1 2022 webinar: Optimizing RUCKUS SmartZone for Hospitality Networks


Now available on-demand:

Asia Pacific, March 8th (English)– Watch Now!

Europe, Middle East & Africa, March 8th (English) – Watch Now!

Latin America, March 15th (Spanish) – Watch Now!

North America, March 8th  (English) – Watch Now!