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Bringing high-quality broadband services to everyone, everywhere

Broadband is so critical to society that it’s becoming known as the fourth utility. Para los operadores de red, ahora es el momento de llevar banda ancha a todas las comunidades y a todos, sin importar dónde vivan.

CommScope is helping service providers build end-to-end FTTH and FTTX networks that enable broadband for everyone. For locations and deployment scenarios that are hard to serve with traditional approaches, we are uniquely positioned to deliver optimized next-gen PON hardware, software, and fiber connectivity solutions that make network deployment fast and easy, while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and reducing skilled labor requirements.

¿Qué ocurrirá en el futuro?

Banda ancha para todos: The top considerations

Service providers must consider several challenges as they make their plans to connect underserved subscribers and bridge the digital divide. In this blog, we explore several considerations that can help. Read blog.


Broadband for everyone topics

Government funding

Billions of dollars in federal funds and grants may be available to help fast-track broadband network projects. To make broadband for everyone a reality, CommScope is helping service providers maximize these funding opportunities and get the most out of every dollar.
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Delivering on the promise of broadband for everyone means connecting people wherever they are. From airports and train stations to smart cities and smarter classrooms, municipal broadband initiatives play an important role in extending high-quality connectivity to previously underserved locations. CommScope is here to help municipalities get their broadband projects off the ground and ensure their networks are optimized for both quality and cost.

Compañías de energía

Utilities and co-ops have a key asset that can help make broadband for everyone a reality: existing infrastructure, facilities, and rights of way needed to build out fiber networks. They also have the direct customer touch it takes to bring broadband directly to the subscriber doorstep. CommScope helps utilities add broadband to their service portfolios and keep their customers connected to what’s next.


Alternative network providers are infusing the broadband services market with new levels of innovation as they race to connect underserved consumers and markets. The key to their success lies in the ability to reduce the inherent risks that come with new fiber network investments, while winning the hearts and minds of their subscribers with compelling, high-quality services. CommScope has a proven portfolio of actives, passives, and expertise to help AltNets deploy fiber quickly while minimizing risk—connecting and retaining customers. Más información.

¿Por qué CommScope?

Deploy fiber faster icon

Deploy fiber faster

CommScope offers an end-to-end FTTH portfolio that’s designed to accelerate fiber deployment and speed time to market.

Improve staff productivity icon

Improve staff productivity

Our FTTH solutions are designed to make things easier for the technicians who deploy fiber, provision services, and maintain networks.

Maximize TCO icon

Maximize TCO

We help service providers solve the unique economic challenges that are common in rural and remote broadband markets.

Explore broadband for everyone solutions


The NOVUX™ modular FTTH ecosystem is built to speed and streamline fiber deployment. It’s the industry’s first solution that helps service providers make broadband for everyone practical by supporting more applications and deployment scenarios with less inventory—and a much lower learning curve for technicians. Más información.


CommScope’s Prodigy™ hardened connectivity system provides a universal small form solution that can help service providers speed and simplify their rollouts of broadband for everyone. With Prodigy, customers need only one cable assembly that can be adapted for a variety of connector types—making installation and ordering fast and easy while reducing training requirements and accelerating fiber deployment. Más información.

Cloud-to-edge PON solutions

CommScope’s cloud-to-edge PON platform provides a flexible, open, and agile solution that is designed to overcome the obstacles that can impede the rollout of broadband for everyone. It helps service providers accelerate time to revenue, improve total cost of ownership, reduce complexities, and evolve their FTTH and FTTX networks faster than ever before. Más información.

Servicios profesionales

CommScope has more than 1.300 experts in over 30 countries who have helped design, deploy, and evolve broadband networks for service providers of all kinds—in every corner of the world. We view every customer engagement as a partnership, and we measure our success on our ability to help customers execute their network projects successfully.

FTTH network ePlanner

Learn how CommScope’s new FTTH network ePlanner can help you make critical connectivity decisions and create a customized network that’s ready for the future.



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