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Leveraging manifest manipulation to increase revenue, reduce costs and to address subscriber churn

Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) video represents the future due to its ability to create a personalized user experience across many device types using standard technologies. But it comes with a unique set of challenges that must be overcome in order to build a profitable video service. Manifest manipulation, when paired with automation, monitoring, analytics and session management, can address these challenges. CommScope’s Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) helps service providers deliver a profitable “Real TV” experience by enabling advanced services that generate revenue, reduce costs and improve the user experience.

Desafíos y oportunidades

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"Real TV" services to improve profitability

CommScope’s Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) allows service providers to deliver advanced personalization services and manages the user experience as they transition between services. These services help create a profitable video service by creating new revenue opportunities, reducing costs and reducing customer churn. Some of these services include:

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Alternate Content and Blackouts
  • Emergency alerts
  • CDN Steering
  • Personal Channels
  • Optimización de ancho de banda
  • The flexibility to create new services as needed
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Visibility into the streaming ecosystem

Running at the heart of the streaming ecosystem, the MDC has perhaps the most complete view of the entire system and can provide deep insight into both system performance and overall health. MDC provides visibility into important metrics such as:

  • Success rate and errors for client requests
  • Success rate and errors for interactions with third party systems such as the Ad Decision Server
  • CDN and Origin latency and any errors fetching content and Manifests
  • Performance of ad request processing
  • Rogue requests that may represent a security issue
  • Shifts between bit rates throughout the streaming session
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Versatility and ease of integration

Due to its role as the manager of the manifest and its ability to implement workflows that adjust for differences in content, message formats, parameters and other variables, MDC can greatly ease the integration of the streaming ecosystem and the addition of new components.

Manifest Delivery Controller - MDC

MDC integrates with third party systems to enable advanced services that improve video service profitability.


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