What Coverage and Capacity Solutions Do You Need Indoors?

Karri-Reddy-5-29-15-thumb Karri Reddy May 10, 2016

We hear a lot of questions in the wireless industry about distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells & remote radio units (RRUs). In my part of the business—systems engineering for distributed coverage and capacity solutions—it all comes down to the technical details. There are certain characteristics of DAS, small cell and RRU products that make them better suited for different applications. I am excited to be sharing what those differences are at the upcoming DAS & Small Cells Congress, where I will be co-presenting the opening workshop on May 16 titled, “Design, Install and Testing DAS Systems.”

This workshop is not just about the nuts-and-bolts of deploying a DAS. Of course, as an engineer, I will be covering that. But I will also explain, from a design perspective, which type of products makes sense to use in different buildings, largely based on their power classes. I will draw out the distinctions between remote radio units and DAS, and also present best practices in design. CommScope’s position is that DAS, small cells and RRUs all play a role in the wireless industry—it comes down to what you are trying to accomplish and where.

In the workshop, I will also provide new information about commissioning and optimizing DAS. Systems are getting more complex, and CommScope has suggestions for equipment that engineers should have to make commissioning and optimization easier. Passive intermodulation(PIM) testing is a key element for successful deployment. I’ll talk about future PIM testing requirements, and how you can perform PIM troubleshooting from a system level.

If you are trying to figure out the right coverage and capacity solution for one of your in-building projects—for a stadium, enterprise building, subway or high-rise tower—then come see Workshop A, “Design, Install and Testing DAS Systems,” at DAS & Small Cells Congress on May 16, from 9:00 am–12:00pm.

Any questions in advance? Leave a comment, and I’ll respond.

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Karri Reddy

Karri Reddy is director of systems engineering, Americas, for the Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions team at CommScope. Karri leads the engineering team responsible for designing and deploying distributed antenna systems (DAS). Prior to joining CommScope in 2006, Karri worked as an RF consultant at AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, supporting macro cell site designs and performance teams. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.