Building Corporate Culture with Ethics and Compliance Training

6_Zuzana-Pospechova Zuzana Pospechova January 22, 2020

shutterstock-282677039bAs a world leader in connectivity and communications technology, CommScope’s corporate values and regulatory compliance are reflective of our leadership position. We’ve adopted a set of proactive measures to ensure that our employees work safely, meet government regulations, adhere to best practices and treat one another respectfully.

CommScope’s Ethics and Compliance Training program is our vehicle for conveying these corporate values and compliance requirements to our employees throughout the world. It is also an evolving program, as we continue to improve our training based on responses from our employee engagement and employee pulse surveys. For example, respondents told us that we have opportunities to consolidate training sessions and emphasize the overarching themes that tie them together and relate them to everyday work. Our new program represents a major step forward in addressing this feedback and more.  

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“Our aim with the Ethics and Compliance Training program is to provide both the hands-on education to improve the way our employees contribute to our workforce, as well as the context to understand how this training encapsulates our core values and benefits the business at large. By tapping into employee feedback, CommScope designed a new program that is clear and concise, and can be efficiently delivered to our global workforce,” said Robyn Mingle, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, CommScope. 

Employees spend a total of 2.5 to 3 hours over the course of two months to learn CommScope’s ethics and compliance policies. The training covers several key topics—ranging from our code of ethics and business conduct, workplace safety, data privacy, and data security to preventing bribery, corruption, and workplace harassment. There are 14 training topics in total. 

We rolled out the new program worldwide in 2018. The improved program was put in practice in 2019. CommScope’s 12, 600 non-production employees completed the training online via our Global LearnCenter (GLC) platform in 2019. This training package is also provided to all new employees within the first 30 days of their employment. Our training sessions are now available in more than a dozen languages, including Arabic, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. 

Our commitment to improving the way that we train employees on corporate values, ethics, and compliance is how CommScope stays ahead as a world leader. 

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and performance in our 2018 Sustainability Report.

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Zuzana Pospechova

Zuzana Pospechova is the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Manager at CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communication networks. Based in Richardson, TX, Ms. Pospechova has been in this position for the past five years. She previously worked in the environment, health and safety field at the company’s facilities in Brno, Czech Republic and Lochgelly, Scotland. She assumed the role for global environment, health and safety within the ACCG group before moving into her current role. Ms. Pospechova has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University VUT Brno.