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122131-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-TRAY-00-KIT
FOSC™ Splice tray kit, D-size, without splice modules
131342-000 | FOSC-A-CSEAL-1-NT
FOSC™ Tubular cable sealing kit for 1 cable in any round port in FOSC400 A4/AS Fiber Splice Closures
139534-000 | FOSC-A/B-UNI-MOUNT-W
FOSC™ Bracket for mounting FOSC 400D5 or D5/B closure onto a wall
141726-000 | FOSC-ACC-D-TRAY-72BRFBR
FOSC™ D Splice Tray, 6 splice modules, 72-splice capacity
149951-000 | TRAC-AA-EP-KIT-MR449
TRAC End Piece for main cable range between 6 and 100 pairs
155195-000 | FOSC-ACC-CV-1981-110V
FOSC™ Heated air tool (110V) for installing hot air cable seals & cable blocks on FOSC closures
157021-000 | FOSC-400D-POLE-MOUNT
FOSC™ 400 D Pole Mount Kit for Fiber Optic Splice Closure
166532-000 | FOSC-A/B-UNI-MOUNT-A
FOSC™ Bracket for mounting FOSC 400A or B closure aerially
173801-000 | FOSC-B-TRAY-24-1
FOSC™ 400/450 Fiber Optic splice tray kit with 24 splice protectors
175493-000 | FOSC-ACC-CABLE-SEAL-2-NT
FOSC™ Oval Port Cable Seal kit, tubular, for FOSC 400 Fiber Splice Closure, with blocking kit
176564-000 | FIST-GCO2-MULTI-SEAL
FIST Cable seal to seal the cable onto the tube (only for single fiber - loose tube)
179767-000 | FOSC-ACC-C-TRAY-RIBN-24
FOSC™ "C" Splice Tray, 288 fibers
181216-000 | FIST-GCO2-OSK-CC
FIST Oval port seal kit for central core cable (both single fiber and ribbon)
186240-000 | FOSC-ACC-RP-SEALS
FOSC™ Round Port Cable Seal kit for FOSC splice closures
189046-000 | FOSC-ACC-A8/B8-CS
FOSC™ Round Port Cable Seal Kit round ports of FOSC 400 A8 or B8 closures
190407-000 | BOCL-20-1068-MED-3-M326
XAGA® 550/1650 Branch off Clip Kit, B, medium
191932-000 | FOSC600-GELSEAL-4-N
FOSC™ 600 C Fiber Optic 4-port cable seal kit
199264-000 | FOSC-ACC-MB-TM
FOSC™ Mounting Bracket kit, Universal
1B376P-000 | FOSC-ACC-ADSSBRKT-400450
FOSC™ Aerial Closure Mounting Kit
1F6818-000 | FAK-MULDRP-45-4P/CBL-ATT
FOSC™ Quick Install Gel Plug, all FOSC600 closures - 4 cable capacity, cable attachments included
222798-000 | FIST-GCO2-MULTI-UCT
FIST Multi termination plate with 3 strength member fixations for use with the MULTI3 kits (only for single fiber - loose tube)
226809-000 | FOSC-ACC-TTUBE-RIBN12-50
FOSC™ Transportation Tubing, ribbon
FOSC™ Tubing for terminating optical ground wire in any port of the OPGW closure
234855-000 | FOSC-ACC-SPRL-TUBE-1/8
FOSC™ Spiral Tubing Kit
FOSC™ Straps for lashing A, B, or D closures to strand
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