AMPINNERGY® Power Entry Cable Assembly, 5-wire/3-circuit (3-1-1), shared neutral, 40 feet

  • Used to interface between manufactured wiring and other wiring systems, such as building wiring, fixture wiring, or access floor module wiring
  • Mates to line connector cable assemblies, power junction boxes, power distribution modules (PDMs), zone distribution modules (ZDBs) and power transition units (PTUs)
Product Classification  
Product Series   AMPINNERGY
Product Type   Power entry cable assembly
Regional Availability   North America
Cord Length   12.19 m   |   39.99 ft
Exposed Conductor Length   12.00 in
Electrical Specifications  
Current Rating, maximum   20.00 A
Voltage Rating, maximum   125.00 Vac   |   250.00 Vac
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space   Indoor
Safety Standard   CEC 2015   |   CSA 22.2   |   NEC 2013   |   UL 1286   |   UL 183   |   UL 498
General Specifications  
Application   Line entry connection
Construction Type   Corrugated hose
Interface, connector A   Power male plug
Interface, connector B   Unterminated
Neutral Conductor Gauge, solid   10 AWG
Neutral Type   Shared
Package Quantity   1
Packaging Type   Bag
Mechanical Specifications  
Wiring   5-Wire/3 Circuit (3-1-1)
Outline Drawing  
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Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant

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