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Type N Female to 7/8 in EIA Flange Adapter
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Type N Female to 7/8 in EIA Flange Adapter

Product Classification  
Product Type   Adapter
General Specifications  
Interface   7/8 in EIA Flange
Interface 2   N Female
Body Style   Straight
Mounting Angle   Straight
Electrical Specifications  
Connector Impedance   50 ohm
Operating Frequency Band   0 – 3000 MHz
dc Test Voltage   2000 V
Outer Contact Resistance, maximum   5.00 mOhm
Inner Contact Resistance, maximum   5.00 mOhm
Insulation Resistance, minimum   5000 MOhm
Average Power   300.0 W @ 900 MHz
Outline Drawing  
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Mechanical Specifications  
Inner Contact Plating   Silver
Insertion Force   28.00 N   |   6.29 lbf
Insertion Force Method   IEC 61169-16:9.3.5
Interface Durability   500 cycles
Interface Durability Method   IEC 61169-12:9.5
Outer Contact Plating   Copper alloy treatment
Pressurizable   No
Diameter   56.93 mm   |   2.24 in
Length   79.50 mm   |   3.13 in
Weight   0.45 kg   |   1.00 lb
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature   -55 °C to +85 °C (-67 °F to +185 °F)
Storage Temperature   -65 °C to +125 °C (-85 °F to +257 °F)
Mechanical Shock Test Method   IEC 60068-2-27
Climatic Sequence Test Method   IEC 60068-1
Damp Heat Steady State Test Method   IEC 60068-2-3
Thermal Shock Test Method   IEC 60068-2-14
Vibration Test Method   IEC 60068-2-6
Corrosion Test Method   IEC 60068-2-11
Standard Conditions  
Attenuation, Ambient Temperature   20 °C   |   68 °F
Average Power, Ambient Temperature   40 °C   |   104 °F
Average Power, Inner Conductor Temperature   100 °C   |   212 °F
Return Loss/VSWR
Frequency BandVSWRReturn Loss (dB)
0–1500 MHz1.2020.83
1500–3000 MHz1.3516.54

Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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