HomeConnect® Passive VoIP Amplifier, 15 dB forward, 15 dB reverse, PAL, eight ports, with power inserter

Product Classification  
Brand   HomeConnect®
Product Type   RF amplifier
Environmental Specifications  
Operating Temperature   -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F)
Safety Standard   CE   |   SCTE
Electrical Specifications Rx (Uplink)  
Operating Frequency Band   5 – 65 MHz
Insertion Loss, video ports   1.50 dB
Flatness   ±1.0 dB
Return Loss, minimum   18.00 dB
Noise Figure, maximum 16.00 dB
Electrical Specifications Tx (Downlink)  
Operating Frequency Band   86 – 1002 MHz
Gain, video ports   0.00 dB
Flatness   ±1.0 dB
Return Loss, minimum   18.00 dB
Noise Figure, maximum 8.00 dB
Electrical Specifications VoIP  
Insertion Loss Rx, VoIP ports, maximum   4.00 dB
Insertion Loss Tx, VoIP ports, maximum   4.50 dB
Return Loss, VoIP ports, minimum   18.00 dB
Electrical Specifications Isolation  
Isolation at Frequency Band, output to output, minimum   23 dB @ 5–65 MHz   |   23 dB @ 86–1002 MHz
Isolation at Frequency Band, power port to RF output, minimum   60 dB @ 5–1002 MHz
Electrical Specifications  
Impedance   75 ohm
Operating Current at Voltage   400 mA @ 15 Vdc
Distortion Performance (CTB), minimum 73 -dBc
Distortion Performance (CSO), minimum 62 -dBc
Distortion Performance (X-Mod), minimum 75 -dB
Distortion Performance (CCN), minimum 70 -dBc
Distortion Performance (DTO), minimum 55 -dBc
Distortion Performance (DSO), minimum 55 -dBc
Hum Modulation, minimum   -75.00 dB
Group Delay, channel 2–4, maximum 20 ns
Group Delay, channel 5–6, maximum 5 ns
Shielding Effectiveness, minimum   100 dB
Surge Capability Test Method   ANSI/SCTE 81   |   IEEE C62.41-A3 (6 kV, 200 A, Ring wave) on all ports   |   IEEE C62.41-B3 (6 kV, 3000 A, Combination wave) on input port
Surge Capability Waveform   1.2/50 voltage and 8/20 current combination waveform   |   100 kHz ring wave waveform
General Specifications  
Device Type   International VoIP subscriber amplifier
Video Ports, quantity   7
VoIP Passive Ports, quantity   1
Application   Indoor   |   Outdoor
Includes   Power inserter
Video Standard   PAL
Patent Number   7912431 (expires 8/2/2025)
Packed Dimensions  
Carton Quantity   1
Height   177.80 mm   |   7.00 in
Length   622.30 mm   |   24.50 in
Width   279.40 mm   |   11.00 in
Shipping Weight   13.83 kg   |   30.50 lb
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EU 
ISO 9001:2015Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system

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Included Parts

HomeConnect® Power Inserter for Subscriber Amplifiers with High Isolation

HomeConnect® Power Inserter for Subscriber Amplifiers

HomeConnect® Power Inserter for Subscriber Amplifiers with High Isolation
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