Fiber Optic Ribbon Breakout Kit, 1-12F/ribbon, 108-216F/tube, 8-11 mm central tube outside dia., 3 tubes/leg

Product Classification  
Product Series   BLK-R
Product Type   Fiber breakout kit, round
Regional Availability   Latin America   |   North America
Central Tube Outer Diameter   8 mm – 11 mm (0.33 in – 0.43 in )
Tube Length   5000.0 mm   |   196.9 in
Environmental Specifications  
Environmental Space   Outdoor
General Specifications  
Application   For use with ribbon fiber cables
Breakout Legs, quantity   1
Fibers per Ribbon, maximum   12
Fibers per Tube, maximum   324
Package Quantity   1
Packaging Type   Bag   |   Carton
Tube Type   Ribbon central tube
Tubes per Leg, quantity   3
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant


Product Information

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Installation Instruction

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