377602-000   |   FIST-SOSA2-8SC-S

FIST™ Splice Sub-assembly kit with 8 trays, each for holding up to 4 primary or 2 secondary coated fibers, with Heat Shrink type splice holder

  • Splice sub-assemblies consists of a wraparound groove plate holding the included splice organizer trays
  • Groove plates are designed with slots for routing fiber to and from the organizer trays
  • Loop-back facility allowing for single circuit uncut looped fiber storage on the splice tray
  • Compliant with most splice types and independent of any optical fiber construction
Product Classification  
Product Type   Fiber splice tray
Product Series   FIST-SOSA2
Regional Availability   EMEA
Product Brand   FIST™
Regulatory Compliance/Certifications
RoHS 2011/65/EUCompliant


Product Information

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